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The family-owned James Walker Group provides solutions in sealing, rail track fixation and vibration attenuation. Our three trusted global, industrial brands; James Walker, edilon)(sedra and Tiflex offer high performance products and systems based on advanced materials technology and engineering.

Through decades of investment in people, research and development, manufacturing facilities, technology and distribution infrastructure, we have developed a reputation for high quality products and services. Today the Group employs circa 2,000 people and has a manufacturing and sales presence in 30 countries.

James Walker

A dynamic global manufacturing organisation supplying a vast range of high performance fluid sealing products and associated knowledge-based services to virtually every industry sector. With state-of-the-art skills in materials technology, particularly relating to elastomers, polymers, composites and engineering plastics plus extensive expertise in precision machining of exotic alloys for metallic seals, and tension control fasteners for bolted joints.


A global track system supplier with a unique range of rail fastening and vibration isolation systems. edilon)(sedra supports rail projects from design to installation with an extensive service package. Our unique Embedded Rail System’s limited installation height provides complete incorporation in bridge superstructures. Subsidiary, Technobeton, is an innovative contractor specialising in track applications, road joints, concrete repair and renovation projects.


Tiflex Ltd is a manufacturing company with a long history in the production of rubber and cork products that has grown into a multi-disciplinary solutions organisation. We specialise in anti-vibration products for a wide spectrum of industries, as well as specialism in rail and transport. Our flooring products are world class and our material technology is renowned. With a state of the art laboratory, we are committed to developing new and innovative products.


Putting people at the heart of amazing engineering

Build great relationships

Great things can be achieved when people work well together, it's how we grow and succeed as a business. Our strong relationships show the character of our business and that's what sets us apart from the competition. We always behave in ways that build lasting relationships and show we care and value our customers, colleagues and partners.

Know your stuff

We use our expertise to help customers be the best at what they do. Our customers often know what they want, however knowing what they need means really understanding everything about them. We always look for new opportunities to learn and develop, and openly celebrate when things go well. Things may not always go as planned, but working together, we share our knowledge to improve things for the better.

Make a difference

Every customer is unique and we make them feel special by personalising what we do to their needs. We take pride in delivering a style of service that shows our customers just how much we care. We always try to exceed expectations by providing amazing service that delights our customers at every stage of their journey with us, but if things do go wrong, we go the extra mile to make them right again.

Get things done

Our customers have clear expectations that we'll do what we say we'll do. We take personal responsibility for what our customers need and have a 'can do' attitude that gets the job done. We know our strengths and use them well to do the best we can for our customer, and if there's a fault we take ownership for fixing it.

Change for better

We lead by example by thinking differently. We help others to see the benefits of change that will support our business and customers to grow and adapt in an evolving world. We challenge convention, embrace creativity and encourage each other to explore new ways of working so that we can be the best that we can be.


For the year ending March 2022, our turnover was £181 million, split between the three strategic business units; James Walker (£117m), edilon)(sedra (£51m) and Tiflex (£13m). Our profit before tax was £3.9 million, capital investment was £4.4 million and net assets were £105.2 million, including net liquid funds of £26.4 million. Our investment in research and development was £3.9 million.




Profit before tax


Capital expediture


R&D investment


In every decision we make, our history remains core to us.

Discover our history
  • Merger of RotaBolt production with Bingley operation.

  • Divestment of Flemings Seals.

  • James Walker Thailand joins the Group completely.

  • Deconsolidation of Tines joint venture.

  • James Walker Middle East established.

  • edilon)(sedra Iberica joins Group completely.

  • James Walker RotaBolt form JV with Coretech in Taiwan.

  • James Walker Shanghai (China) Sealing Technology Ltd JV formed with Winner.

  • Jaeger Seals, Belgium, joins Group.

  • James Walker Inmarco (India) Industries PVT Ltd JV formed with Inmarco.

  • James Walker Brasil established.

  • edilon)(sedra forms JV with Tines, Poland.

  • Devol Engineering joins Group.

  • Closure of James Walker Engineering Services.

  • edilon)(sedra Iberica formed as JV in Spain.

  • DC Rowe, Australia, joins Group.

  • James Walker Group celebrates 125 years of success.

  • Acquisition of AM Technobeton BV.

  • Woking production transferred to Cockermouth.

  • Sedra, Germany, joins Group (now edilon)(sedra).

  • Townson joins Group.

  • James Walker Oil & Gas, Houston, USA, established.

  • James Walker Thailand formed as a JV.

  • James Walker Benelux formed from Belgian and Dutch companies.

  • Andersen & Ødegaard sealing division, Norway, joins Group (now James Walker Norge).

  • Rhesco joins Group (now James Walker South Africa).

  • James Walker Singapore established (now James Walker Asia Pacific).

  • C Haacke & Söhne, Germany, joins Group (now James Walker Deutschland).

  • James Walker Engineering Services established.

  • Tiflex formed in UK (incorporating Flexible Cork, Tico, & C&I).

  • C&I Supplies joins Group.

  • Tico Manufacturing joins Group.

  • RotaBolt and Keaflex Mouldings joins Group.

  • Edilon, Netherlands, joins Group.

  • James Walker Iberica, Spain established.

  • Flemings Seals joins Group.

  • James Walker New Zealand established.

  • Moorside Machining joins Group (now James Walker Moorflex, incorporating Metallic Industrial Components and Surrey Grinding Co).

  • James Walker Ireland established.

  • Production starts at Cockermouth, Cumbria, UK.

  • James Walker France established.

  • James Walker Italiana established.

  • Flexible Cork Co and Surrey Grinding Co joins Group.

  • Metallic Industrial Components joins Group.

  • James Walker Belgium established.

  • James Walker Nederland established.

  • James Walker Australia established

  • UK production and HQ move to Woking, Surrey.

  • James Walker depot established in USA.

  • James Walker depot established in Belgium.

  • James Walker & Co founded in London, UK.


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